Spare parts service for machines and plants

If you have trouble in obtaining spare parts, try to find spare parts for older machines and equipment, cannot find the spare parts any longer or require an alternative offer for your spare parts, we are the right partner.

Send us your technical documentation, a drawing or the defective part.

We take care of the market analysis, look for suppliers or create production drawings and have the parts made by manufacturing companies.

To replace these parts or repair the machine on site, our service vehicle is equipped with the required standard tools.

We offer a spare parts service for slicers developed by us or other manufacturers and for additional equipment such as vacuum tables by Merritt Machinery in Lockport / USA.

Spare parts for veneer slicers:

  • Sliding coatings for flitch tables
  • Hydraulic cylinders
  • Accessories for blades and pressure strips
  • Dog parts for flitch clamping

Many slicers are equipped with a vacuum table instead of hydraulic flitch clamping.

We have the most important spare parts in stock and can therefore deliver quickly.

Spare parts for vacuum tables by Merritt Machinery:

  • Seals
  • Valves
  • Vacuum hoses
  • Pneumatic cylinders

Vacupress roll compactors are used in filling and packaging systems and serve to compress powdered material under vacuum.

We deliver appropriate spare parts from our own production to fit in Vacupress compactors of types:

  • VP 1100 - size 160 x 220
  • VP 1200 - size 220 x 300
  • VP 1300 - size 290 x 420
  • VP 1400 - size 380 x 550
  • VP 1500 - size 520 x 750

Wear parts
such as filter cloths, support wires etc.

Spare parts
such as bearings, seals, housing parts etc.

Recoating of sintered filter drums with sintered metal of 3 or 5 mm in different material qualities.

Replacement of pressure drums, filter drums for cloth covering or sintered filter drums.

We carry out complete overhauls and necessary repairs in our factory.